Don’t take our word for how much we love our clients… Take it from them!


  • "Mick's Macs is ‬FAST and Friendly!"

    On a Customer Satisfaction Rating Scale of 1 to 5, Mick’s Macs is 6 stars.‬‎ Sometimes when I email Mick’s Macs for help, I get a reply before I even click the send button. Not only are they fast, they are as friendly as a warm puppy. Never have they failed me.

    - Lee Pratt, Montecito
  • "Truly the Mac Zeitgeist!"

    First – it’s great having a certified Mac mechanic who’ll come to your home when you’re in crisis. Happened to me.
    I found Mick’s Macs, called, and within 90 minutes my problem was solved. This is versus the time and aggravation of backing my computer up, then taking it to a Mac pro shop, leaving it for days etc. Second – it’s cool and hassle-free going to Mick’s shop on the Mesa. No lines. No waiting. You speak with the boss – it’s personal and Mick cares. This is truly the Mac Zeitgeist. I urge all Mac owners to check it out.‬‎

    - Robert Collector, Santa Barbara
  • "Service was excellent - very tenacious..."

    I wasn’t sure how much a “general tune up” was going to help my Mac, but it had significantly slowed down and I was aware Mick was a very generous and helpful member of our local Mac community and user group. I was greatly impressed by how thorough he was and when one niggling problem simply could not be easily rectified, he insisted on spending a chunk of his own time (not on the billing clock) to resolve it. When I got the computer back I was floored how much faster it worked and all the annoying quirks had vanished. Using Mick’s Macs was one of the best tech experiences I have ever had. ‪He really is a good guy!‬‎

    - Andrew Teton, Santa Barbara
  • "Made My Old Faithful iMac Work Like New!"

    Mick, you guys were amazing. You saved me money and my precious data with your accurate diagnosis of my dying hard drive. I thought I had to buy a new computer, but you made my old faithful iMac work like new with much greater speed and power. I had no idea it could do that. Thank you!

    - Greg Hamson, MidCo Paving, Solvang
  • "Rescued Me Remotely Over the Internet!"

    Mick, even though I now live in Chicago, your quick response with remote desktop sessions over the internet have rescued me on more than one occasion. Knowing that I still have you as my IT guy has given me the confidence to launch a website and do much more than I ever dreamed in my profession. This is FUN! Thank You!

    - Leslie Wolowitz, Ph.D., Psychologist, Chicago, IL
  • "ROCK STARS!!!"

    Mick and his team stick with it till it’s right. Thanks Mick!

    - Denne Sollenne, Santa Barbara
  • "Trust Them to Do Whatever Needs to Be Done!"

    I highly recommend Mick’s Macs. Mick and his team of super friendly, reliable experts have helped me on many occasions to fix problems and upgrade my Mac. I’m not a computer expert by a long shot so it’s super nice to be able to call a local company and trust them to do whatever needs to be done. Thanks for all your help and for being such a nice person, Mick! 🙂

    - Annie Chase, Santa Barbara
  • "It's BLAZING FAST!!!"

    Mick, it’s blazing fast! Thank you so much! I’m enjoying my Mac for the first time in two years now that you and your team did their magic touch on it! If I’d have known it was going to be this fast and easy to get it zooming again I’d have taken it to you long ago!‬‎

    - Tobin Poppenberg, Santa Barbara
  • "Making Their Clients *Very* Happy"

    Mick’s Macs are knowledgeable technicians that care about one thing: making their clients *very* happy. Every time I have the pleasure of interacting with them, their decisions are always focused around what is best for the customer. They are a wonderful company to do business with, and I highly recommend them.‬‎

    - Evan DeLaney, Atlanta, Georgia
  • "Service Beyond Expectation!!"

    WOW, THANKS!! Kinda’ sums it up. So here’s the deal… I’m out of town, my wife (not a computer lover) is trying to keep up-to-date on web orders we’ve received when I get a call, “I don’t know what’s wrong but the computer quit working and we can’t get it to start up”. . . Oh, I forgot to tell you that it’s Friday afternoon. . . I call Mick who says, “We have an employee who lives in Buellton, he can stop by your shop in Solvang and have a look.” Shortly, more phone calls. “The hard drive is dead. . . don’t know if we can save anything” says Mick. I say, “Do whatever you can, my wife needs a working computer, and I need a happy wife. . . I’ll be home in 5 days and oh, by the way, I really, really (really!) need the stuff on that hard drive that wasn’t really backed up regularly. 🙁 Do whatever you have to.” Well, they picked up the computer at 5 pm Friday and delivered the computer (with a new hard drive in it plus a new external hd for regular back up) at 9 am Saturday morning. . . and several days later, they brought up the recovered data from my dead hd. Mick, a HUGE thank you to you and you staff. My experiences with everyone at Mick’s Macs couldn’t have been better. Here’s to everyone who helped in our time of need!

    - John Novak, Village Spinning & Weaving, Solvang
  • "Like Finding Gold!"

    ‪I have been a client of Mick’s Macs for some time. Finding it was like finding gold – a resource that was local, helpful, and reasonably priced. What more could anyone want? It was such a positive change from my earlier experiences with others. Since then, Mick and Ruffo have kept my Macs running smoothly. If I did encounter a problem or situation I didn’t understand, I contacted Mick and he (or Ruffo) resolved it promptly. Not long ago, it became necessary to replace my old Mac desktop with something more supportable. Mick gave me the technical guidance (and encouragement) I needed to take the step forward. Through all my reluctance and whining, Mick was always ready with his friendly help and even some of his own time. I am a happy user thanks to the folks at Mick’s Macs with their knowledge and support.‬‎

    - Jerry Shepherd, Santa Barbara
  • "Knowledge, Skill, Like a Family Doctor Who Does House Calls"

    I have sent people to Mick’s Macs for years because… They listen carefully to you and ask helpful questions. They come and check it all out ASAP. Then they explain (in non-geek language) your Apple product problems and options for fixing it, never in a hurry and always with intent to be helpful. They never oversell, overcharge, or make things more complicated than they are. And they have great services where they keep your equipment running smooth without waiting for emergency melt-downs. I totally trust and appreciate Mick and his cohorts – like a family doctor who does house calls.

    - Julian Dean, Santa Barbara
  • "I Love Mick's Macs!"

    I’m spoiled now, I only go to Mick’s Macs because there is no waiting, I get to talk with Mick, who always sorts me and my problem out, pronto, makes my computer faster and better than ever (plus putting ever so cool looking thingys on my tool bar or dock) and I learn so much. He also has a super support team that comes to my house and can give me a lesson or two on a new program so my learning curve is short and not steep. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Mick’s Macs. I highly recommend him and his crew –you won’t be disappointed.‬‎

    - Meghan Williams, Santa Barbara
  • "Mick's Macs is simply the best"

    ‪We are so glad to have Mick of Mick’s Macs in our corner. You are so responsive and friendly and you take care of everything. I’m so glad you made sure we had the battery powered back up electrical strip since there have been more than a few times it saved our work. Thanks so much for all your help.

    - Jessica Bortman, Santa Barbara
  • "Best Mac Service Around"

    I’ve been going to Mick’s Macs for many years for all my computer needs. It’s easy to work with them and they are so kind and helpful with what you need. Any problem you might have they can handle beautifully!

    - Erin Carmean, Santa Barbara
  • "Prompt, Professional, and Reasonable"

    I have used Mick’s Macs twice–prompt, professional, and reasonable.

    - Charlie Hamilton, Goleta
  • "Reliable Mac Tech People Right Here in Santa Barbara"

    ‪It’s wonderful to have reliable Mac tech people right here in Santa Barbara who will come out and take care of our computer needs so promptly and at such reasonable rates. Very personable. They explained the problem in a way we could understand. We recommend them to any one in Santa Barbara with a Mac or Apple computer equipment. Call them and see for yourself.

    - Ken, Santa Barbara
  • "Mick's Macs is the BEST!‎‎"

    Mick has been a major support for my computer inadequacies for many years. Quick to respond to my “help!” emails, he always has an answer or a solution and remedies it with lightning speed. He’s dependable, caring, and high in integrity. Besides, he’s fun to work with because of his good heart and commitment to awesome service. Mick provides a wholehearted Mac service that would provide anyone with reassurance and peace.

    - Candace Wheeler, Hope Ranch
  • "Always Dependable!"

    Whenever I have a computer crisis, I don’t panic because I know I can get prompt, expert help right in my own home from Mick’s Macs.‬‎

    - Dorothy Holland, Goleta