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One of the best ways you can let us see what’s going on with your Mac is to send us a Screen Shot.  Here’s how you do that:

Hold these 3 keys all at once:   Shift+Command+3 [Command = Apple logo key]*

You should hear the sound of a shutter taking a picture of your screen.  Then look on your desktop for a file called: Picture 1.png.  Drag and drop that in an e-mail to us at Contact@MicksMacs.com, and we’ll be better able to assist you.

*Note:  If you have an “older” computer, the “Command” key will likely have an Apple logo on it.  For reasons known only to Apple, the new keyboards dropped that in favor of the word “command.”

If you can master that, you might enjoy the even great precision of being able to select the exact part of the screen you’d like to send us.

To do that, just hold down:


Instead of instantly snapping a picture like we did with the number “3,” you’ll see a crosshairs (“+” sign) that you can drag from the upper left-hand corner of the section of the screen you want to send us, down to the lower right hand corner.  When you let go of the mouse button at the end of this outlining procedure, you should hear a click and see the same file on your desktop as before.

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