Mick's Instructions:
     How to Recover Passwords with Keychain Access

This tutorial will help you recover email passwords, online passwords, and any password you've entered into your computer.
Note: All emails and passwords are fictional, and have been fabricated for illustrative purposes only.


Step 1: Open Spotlight located in the upper right hand corner, and search for "Keychain Access." Click on the first item that comes up.


Step 2: In Keychain Access, select "login" and "passwords."


Step 3:Find which item you want to recover your password from, and double-click on it. For our example, we'll choose the iChat password, which is called "AIM: <your username>"



Step 4: Click on the check box that's directly in front of "Show password."



Step 5: Enter your computer password into the window that appears, and click "Allow" - Make sure you Do Not click "Always Allow."


Step 6: Your password is now displayed in the password box.




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