Mick's Instructions:
     How to set up iChat


Note: Until you go through this instructional, we cannot see or control your screen; Our technicians will let you know whenever we are controlling your mouse. If you get stuck, don't panic! Call us and we can help walk you through it.


Step 1: Locate iChat, either in the dock (1.1) or type "iChat" into Spotlight, the magnifying glass icon located at the very top right of your screen. (1.2)





Step 2: When starting up iChat for the first time, this window will appear. Click Continue.


Step 3: On the next window that you see, click on the drop-down menu that says "Mobile Me Account" and select "Mac.com"



Step 4: Click on the button that says, "Get an iChat Account..." This will open a new window.



Step 5: Fill out the information that has red " * " signs next to them. We recommend putting April 1 as your birth date, because it's never a good idea to give out too much information over the web.
Make sure to write down your iChat ID, and your password.
At the very bottom, before you click continue, make sure to uncheck the first check box where it says "Stay in touch!" Otherwise, you'll start getting emails from Apple. If you are having trouble, make sure that you filled out the verification code correctly, and that you checked the "I Have read and agree to the iChat terms of Service and Apple's Privacy Policy."



Step 6: Close the confirmation window, and return to iChat.



Step 7: Enter your iChat ID, and password that you filled out in step 5. You should have it written down somewhere in case you forget your password. After you're finished, click Continue.


Step 8: Click Done.


Step 9: Congratulations! You are now set up for Remote Desktop Training.
You will have to approve every time we get into your computer and share your screen, which means two things: 1) You will have to be at your computer whenever we need to connect to your computer, and 2) Your privacy doesn't become an issue; We cannot (And would not!) get onto your computer without your explicit permission.

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