Bellyache, Rejuvenate, or Consumer Bait?

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It’s always tough to see the latest, gorgeous, far-too-skinny models hit the catwalk.

Whether it’s the new iPhone, MacBook Air, iMac, or whatever you just saw at the AppleStore, it’s hard to come back home and see your old, familiar Apple computer.  According to my wife, it’s a bit like watching George Clooney on the big screen and then coming home to your husband asleep on the sofa with his mouth half open.

Perhaps I’m oversharing…

If we were all living in a world where we could justify buying new Apple computers every other year, it would be one thing.  But most of us don’t live in that world.  Even if we did, most Mac users buy Apple computers not simply because they have the latest, sexy technology and design, but because they LAST.  And in addition, they’re usually upgradeable, can run the very latest software and remain as relevant as something younger and thinner with no joint pain.

Macs are the longest living computers, and we pay a premium not to be exposed to viruses, spyware, constant crashing, downtime, a general fear of the internet and the need to hire a nerd every other month to get them back up and running.  We’re willing to pay more to be smarmy on occasion, snicker at our PC laden friends and say,
“Sorry, I don’t do Windows.”   [Studies show that Mac users, on the whole, tend to struggle with hubris more than typical PC users.]

Other studies show that while Macs are more expensive than PCs to purchase, they require less time and money to maintain over the life of the computer.

So having said all of that, don’t you still drool a bit when something new and thin comes out?  Of course you do.  I have no use whatsoever for a 3rd computer and still I covet the new MacBook Air.   So what do you do with your 3 year old MacBook Pro when it has slowed down and you feel like the new Macs are blowing past you in the fast lane?

You have 3 choices, really.

1)  You can put up with it and complain.
2)  You can upgrade and make it as fast as the latest Macs
3)  You can dump it and buy new.  [At this point, my wife has strongly advised me to leave the husband on the sofa analogy alone.]

There are arguments to be made for any of these 3 choices, but only 2 are going to leave you smiling.  And of those, one will leave a lot more money in your bank account at the end of the day.Let’s face it, if you’ve been hard on your Apple computer, bashed it around, taken it out for one too many nights on the town of smoking and drinking, had a spill that you’ve yet to confess even to your therapist, maybe buying new is the way to go.  But if you’ve given your computer a modicum of care and respect, spending $300-400 to rejuvenate it might make a lot more sense than spending $1500-$3500 for an entirely new relationship.

While there is a new generation of processors out there, typical users will not really be able to notice the difference.  Bringing new life to your current model with more RAM, Snow Leopard (10.6), and a faster, bigger hard drive will leave you smiling.  Most of our clients who have had these upgrades are genuinely shocked at how fast their computer becomes after our tweaks and tunings.

So think about it.

Bellyache, Rejuvenate, or Consumer Bait?

Whatever you decide, we’re here to help.

All the best,Mick

P.S.  We sell used computers from time to time too.  Please call or email us if you’re in the market for one or need to appraise yours.

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