WOW, THANKS!! Kinda’ sums it up. So here’s the deal… I’m out of town, my wife (not a computer lover) is trying to keep up-to-date on web orders we’ve received when I get a call, “I don’t know what’s wrong but the computer quit working and we can’t get it to start up”. . . Oh, I forgot to tell you that it’s Friday afternoon. . . I call Mick who says, “We have an employee who lives in Buellton, he can stop by your shop in Solvang and have a look.” Shortly, more phone calls. “The hard drive is dead. . . don’t know if we can save anything” says Mick. I say, “Do whatever you can, my wife needs a working computer, and I need a happy wife. . . I’ll be home in 5 days and oh, by the way, I really, really (really!) need the stuff on that hard drive that wasn’t really backed up regularly. 🙁 Do whatever you have to.” Well, they picked up the computer at 5 pm Friday and delivered the computer (with a new hard drive in it plus a new external hd for regular back up) at 9 am Saturday morning. . . and several days later, they brought up the recovered data from my dead hd. Mick, a HUGE thank you to you and you staff. My experiences with everyone at Mick’s Macs couldn’t have been better. Here’s to everyone who helped in our time of need!

John Novak, Village Spinning & Weaving, Solvang

Our Promise

We make you and your Mac happy so you’re spending less time fighting technology and more time doing what you love…


Our Focus

Mick’s Macs is the new face of tech support, and we mean it. No more awkward, socially-inept techies showing up at the door, but rather people who care as much about you as they do fixing your computer. That means we return your calls and emails right away, because we understand the stress that having a computer on the fritz can bring to your home or office. It also means we arrive on-site quickly and listen intently to what your needs are, and work like firemen to put out the blaze and get you back to your life.


Our Story

25 years ago Mick took apart his very first Apple computer and became consumed with the challenge of how to reassemble it. Navigating the support landscape over the years,  Mick became intimately familiar with tech snobbery and geek speak. So when he launched Mick’s Macs in Santa Barbara what he wanted most was to put a personal, human touch on the tech industry, while continuing to share his lifelong passion for all things Apple. Today, even though the Mac and Apple have changed dramatically, people still want the same thing: honest, clear communication and practical answers for complex technical issues. What that means for Mick and everyone he hires at Mick’s Macs, is to listen to your specific needs, and deliver solutions with integrity and impeccable service, and get you back to the life you love here in Santa Barbara.


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